Propagation Supplies


Rapid Rooter trays and plugs

Rapid Rooter® plugs are all natural soiless grow plugs made of composted tree bark and organic materials. These plugs are perfect for starting seedlings or cuttings during plant propagation. Transplant plugs in soil or soiless hydro gardening applications.



Rapid Rooter Mats

Rapid Rooter® mat is a natural plant starter. It has 98 cross-cut planting sites that separate into one inch cubes for propagation cuttings and germinating seeds.  These mats fit perfectly into a standard 10″x20″ tray.


Root Riot Cubes

Root Riot™ Organic Plant Starter Cubes are available in bags of 50 and 100 replacement cubes. Root Riot™ Organic Plant Starter replacement cubes are pre-moistened so they are ready to use right out of the bag.

Oasis Cubes




Oasis® Horticubes® Growing Media is a low density, high drainage foam with characteristics specifically developed for hydroponics seed germination and vegetative propagation of vegetables, herbs, flowers and foliage crops. These characteristics allow for an optimal balance of oxygen and water, even when saturated with water. Horticubes® are sold in sheets that fit into industry standard 10 x 20 Trays. These retail packs have 2 sheets of Horticubes® in one box.  Oasis are also available by the case!

Plant Propagation Domes

Excellent quality 7 inch tall propagation dome. Straight vertical sides allow use of all plant sites in a propagation tray. 2 clear vents in the top of the dome can be opened or closed to control humidity. Built in handle for easy removal. Fits snugly on a standard 10” x 20” propagation tray. Replacement vents are used to replace lost or broken vents on your NGW® propagation dome.  Propagation domes are also available in 2″ height size.

Plant Propagation tray


These are the heavy duty 10″x20″ black plant propagation trays. Available with or without drainage holes.



 Mesh Flats

These heavy duty mesh flats fit inside a standard 10″ x 20″ plant propagation tray and provide drainage for starter cubes or plugs.




 72 Cell Propagation Insert

Fits snugly in a standard 10” x 20” propagation flat. These can be used with plugs, cubes, or soil.






Grodan A OK starter Plugs in sheets!

Use A-Ok Starter Plugs for starting seeds or  rooting clones. A-Ok plugs come labeled with instructions in a shrink-wrapped sheet that fits a standard 10 x 20 tray (flat). They come in the following sizes:  A ok 40/40 – 1.5″x1.5″x98 and A ok 50/40 – 2″x2″x50.

Grodan Mini Starter Blocks

Mini-Blocks sit in a tray (flat) without support for easy starting of seeds and cuttings. These Mini-Blocks are individually wrapped in white plastic to minimize algae growth. Remove wrapping and transplant into any loose media such as Growcubes or coconut fiber or leave wrapping on and set on top of a larger Gro-block. Packed in easy tear away strips, labeled with instructions.  They are available in the following sizes:  Delta 40/40 – 1.5″x1.5″, 45 per Pack and Delta 50/40 – 2″x2″, 24 per pack.



Digital Seed Mat Thermostat

  • Provides constant optimum temperatures for specific crops
  • Controls temperature in colder or warmer environments
  • Illuminated indicator light; 3-prong ground plug
  • Compatible with all heat mats.
  • Controllable range from 68 to 108 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Celsius or Fahrenheit read-out

Max current 8.3 amps / 1000 watts

Clonex Cloning Gel

A thick gel which will remain in contact around the stem, sealing the cut tissue and supplying hormones needed to promote root cell development and vitamins to promote new root tissue. Clonex® has a full spectrum of primary nutrients and trace elements to nourish the young roots plus anti-microbial agents to protect against fungal contamination.

Clonex Clone Solution

Clonex® Clone Solution is a clone-specific nutrient formulated using a special blend of minerals and other helpful ingredients. Used with Clonex® gel and other rooting agents, Clonex® Clone Solution assists in the cloning process while helping to minimize stress. Clonex® Clone Solution can be applied to the rooting medium and sprayed over the young clones.

Dip -N-Grow Concentrated Rooting Solution

Dip’N Grow is conveniently packaged  in a 2 oz kit size. This economical  concentrate is easily diluted with water to achieve the  necessary strength.  It  contains both rooting auxins recognized as root inducing (IBA and NAA). Alcohol is used as the solvent for the active ingredients so Dip-n-Grow is self-sanitizing. Cross-contamination problems are eliminated.


A vitamin, hormone concentrate and root growth stimulant. Hormex® aids in propagation by preventing transplant shock by stimulating growth of the small feeder roots, which become damaged during transplanting.


Olivia’s Cloning Gel

A professional strength, ready to use propagation gel. Just cut, clip and grow! Stimulates root development for all types of plants. Can be used for all stem, leaf, softwood, semi hard and some hardwood cuttings. Seals cutting and reduces transplant shock during plant propagation.

Olivia’s Cloning Solution



This cloning solution is a nutrient and propagation liquid that promotes vigorous growth and rapid root development for all types of plants.  Mixing ratio is 6 oz. to 1 Gallon of water.





Power Clone Gel

For rapid, robust roots. Made for serious gardeners who prefer to use cuttings for propagating their favorite plants. Power Clone Rooting Gel™ was formulated utilizing the latest advances in plant molecular biology and DNA technology. Get a profusion of luxuriant roots from cuttings and best of all, the main ingredients are 100% natural. Can be used with all types of rooting media.


Power Clone Liquid Concentrate

Power Clone Liquid Concentrate™ for transplanting and rooting. Contains all of the ingredients found in Power Clone Rooting Gel™, however, it is formulated as a liquid. Although the Liquid Concentrate can be used as effectively as the Rooting Gel in all kinds of media, the liquid is most beneficial in aeroponic systems and for transplanting potted or bare-root plants. The powerful, all natural ingredients present in this product offer long-term protection against transplant shock.

Replicator Gold

Replicator is a unique cloning gel that acts as a “Cut Stem Sealant” and “Microclimate Stabilizer.” Replicator can draw out air bubbles from your newly taken cuttings stem.  Air bubbles in the “water carrying columns” of the stem is the number one cause for cutting death. The unique anti wilt technology within Replicator can prevent up to 99% of air bubble related cutting deaths.




RootTech Cloning Gel


Rootech Cloning Gel™ is an exceptional recipe containing a powerful hormone especially formulated to promote rapid, healthy root development during vegetative propagation. At application, Rootech’s unique formulation surrounds the stem so it can be used immediately. Technaflora’s original formulation is among the strongest cloning gels on the market, with a concentration of 0.55% (5.5 g/L) IBA.

Dyna-Grow K-L-N Concentrate

K-L-N Concentrate™ is a rooting solution containing both IBA and NAA hormones to promote vigorous root growth in trees, foliage and flowering plants. Use it for propagating cuttings, air layering and as a transplanting drench for newly potted plants. Drench, dip or mist your plants to simulate new root growth. Growers highly recommend K-L-N to increase production of cuttings.

Humboldt Roots

Humboldt Roots is a highly concentrated organic root stimulant that expands the root zone during the critical growth stage. A large yield is directly related to a plant’s metabolic rate. The plant metabolism rates are directly related to the root zone’s capabilities to uptake nutrients and fertilizers. Humboldt Roots was specifically designed to expand the root zone which results in larger yields.

Rapid Start

Rapidstart enhances your growing experience by delivering a powerful blend of premium plant extracts, amino acids, and nutrients generating explosive root growth. Using Rapidstart stimulates prolific root branching and development of fine root hairs that increase nutrient uptake and grow healthier, whiter roots. Using Rapidstart will make your plants explode! Use during the entire growing cycle in all types of growing media, including coco.

Woods Rooting Compound

Wood’s Rooting Compound concentrate provides a safe, effective and inexpensive way for the professional and home grower to take advantage of rooting stimulants for plant propagation. This formula consists of approximately 10,000 parts per million of indole -3butyric acid, (IBA) and 5,000 parts per million of Napthalene acetic acid (NAA). Wood’s utilizes a special ion-exchange formula that makes absorbtion into tissue instantaneous. Works on softwood, medium hardwood and hardwood cuttings.


Use this individually wrapped sterilized scalpel for all your plant cuttings. A sterile scalpel will help prevent disease and damage to any cutting.







Plant Labels

Use these white stake labels 4” x 5/8” to label your seeds or plants. Bundled in groups of 100.




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